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The ORHC Tryout Portal is used by Tryout Applicants to manage their Tryout Process for the Oakville Rangers. There are a number of tasks you can complete within this portal:

The 2022 Fall Tryouts will be conducted for the following 2022/23 Teams. All other teams held their Tryouts this past Spring and have already been selected.

  • U18: AAA
  • U13: AAAAA, A, and AE
  • U12: AAA, AA, A, and AE
  • U11: AAA, AA, A, and AE
  • U10: AAA, AA, A, and AE

For a list of the 2022/23 Oakville Rangers Coaches and Key Contacts please visit https://oakvillerangers.ca/Pages/28935/2022_23_Rep_Rangers_Coaches_and_Key_Contacts/.

ORHC Tryout Prep Skates
In advance of the Fall Tryouts, the ORHC is offering a series of Prep Skates. These optional skates will give players an opportunity to hit the ice and have some fun while they stretch their legs and shake off some of that summer rust before diving into their Tryout or Evaluation! Participation is optional and there will be NO EVALUATIONS conducted during these sessions. Each session is 1-hour long, at a cost of $25, and will be run by professional instructors. For more information and to register please click here.

Registration is Open Until...
Tryout Registration closes 24-hours prior to the first skate. For example, if the first Tryout Session is on Monday at 7:00pm, Tryout Registration for that team will close on Sunday at 7:00pm.

Make Changes or Request a Refund...
If you need to make any changes to your application (for example, if you registered for the AA Tryouts, changed you mind, and want to change it to A) or if you would like to withdraw from the Tryouts and request a refund click on Tryouts I Registered For. To the right of each of your Applications is a black Edit button and Refund button. These options will be available until the Tryout Registration for that team closes, 24 hours prior to the first session. NO REFUNDS WILL BE PROVIDED AFTER THE TRYOUT HAS BEGUN!.

Split Sessions
Your Tryout may include one or more "Split Sessions". A Split Session is when a single Tryout Session is split into two individual skates. For example, there could be a Split Session on the Monday at 7:00pm and 8:00pm. This is a single Tryout day, but half of the participants would go to the 7pm skate and the other half to the 8pm skate. In the event of a Split Session you will receive an email from the coach either the evening prior or the morning of the Split Session to inform you which of the skates you are to attend.

Permission to Skate & Waivers
If you require any Permission to Skate, Waiver, or additional paperwork to attend your Tryout, please note it is your responsibility to be aware of the requirement and to provide the required paperwork at the sign-in desk at the first Tryout Session. If you make the team but failed to provide the correct forms it could interfere with your eligibility to register for the team. For more information on PTS and Waivers please visit https://oakvillerangers.ca/Pages/25147/PTS_Release_and_Waiver_Information/.

Thank you, and best of luck at the Tryouts!!

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